Angels' Place Gozo 73/74 Xandriku Street Nadur - Gozo, Malta T:+356 7957 2274
Nicoletta & Gabriele


Hello and a warm welcome to our Angels` Place. Our names are Nicoletta and Gabriele and we are a Swiss couple. We came here to the island of Gozo three years ago and been living here since. We followed the course of our predestined lives and heard to the call to come over like hundreds of thousands have done before us. We came to enjoy and bask in the rays of the golden sun and appreciate the true beauty of nature.

Gozo a godly place – The island is scattered with remains of worship, war, peace, love, beauty and every imaginable ingredient to make this rock in the middle of the Mediterranean a true jewel among others.

Like many before us we have come here following a call, a call to facilitate and pave the way to other similars in finding the true meaning and beauty of this island. An island which has been the cradle of a many cultures, religions and beliefs. Gozo has been the place of worship since the megalithic. The island is invaded with churches, temples and other places where people before us have placed hope in the divine. In return the divine has shown unimaginable gratitude towards this island by shedding it with natural beauty.

We are honored to consider ourselves a minute particle within this cycle, and we hope to see you soon.

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Airport Transfers

Whether coming over to Angel’s Place or leaving us we can organize an airport transfer for you. Just send us in your request via our contact section and we will get back to you.

Cleaning Services

Your apartments will be clean upon your arrival and we have a cleaning service once a week. Should you require additional cleaning services please let us know. (additional cleaning services fees are clearly marked in your apartment)